Your website. Built in real-time. At your facility. By a team of creative pros with decades of experience. At a fraction of the typical cost of a professionally built website.


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For a more detailed explanation of how the Hypersite process works, listen to the Hypersite podcast.


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What you'll have when we leave.

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The Hypersite team

How we're different.

No other web design company delivers a complete, content-rich website in one day. No other company let’s you look over their shoulder as they build your site, allowing you be part of the process while learning how it’s done. No other website builder then gives you complete control of your site’s content so you’ll never need to hire a developer to make changes.

And very few web design firms put a team of creative professionals with decades of experience to work on your site.

With Hypersite, we're making all of this possible and more by radically changing the way websites are built. We are literally turning web and digital communications on its head.  

With Hypersite, you’ll have a beautiful, content-rich, mobile-friendly website, micro-site, or suite of landing pages that will immediately begin engaging and converting customers faster, easier, and cheaper.





Half down, remainder due at the end of the session.

  • What you need to have ready:
  • Credit Card | Purchase your Squarespace site – $216 for the year or $26 per month ($18 / month when paid yearly). Higher prices for e-comerce. 
  • A Youtube or Vimeo account | We’ll upload 1 - 2, 30 second videos and install as a video banner.
  • A list of email addresses | So we can set up a MailChimp list for an announcement of your new site. 
  • What we'll create for you:
  • A Squarespace site | We'll create a new site, provide editing access and instruction.
  • Pages we'll build: | A home pageblog page with 2 or more starter posts and about page and a contact page.
  • Recorded Audio Interview: | We'll outfit you with our wearable recording studio and get your story.
  • A MailChimp Email Template: | If you don't already have one, we'll create a new site, otherwise we'll create a new campaign template and install your email list.
  • A Drobox library of images: | We'll shoot your people, your location and then what we don't install in our session will be available, ongoing for blogging.
  • Icon library & style guide: | A font library of icons and a style guide where we'll document colors, fonts and other important style definitions for ongoing coordination and consistency.
  • SEO Plan | We'll create a "key word bible" based on our interview and write search engine tasty headlines that's also meaningful and engaging to your visitor. Read more on how we use content for powerful SEO
  • What it costs
  • $5,000 | You pay half ($2,500) down to schedule the build and then the remainder at the end of our half-day session.
  • Additional Considerations
  • Travel | Included within price if within 45 miles of Batavia IL.
  • Scheduling | Typical start time is 8:00 AM, with a hard stop at noon. 
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Hypersite FAQs

How will I edit my site once you're done?

Here's a quick tutorial we've created: Getting started editing your new Hypersite.

You should also check out Squarespace Support for videos and articles.

What do I need to have ready for when you come and build my site?

A Youtube or Vimeo account, a list of emails for setup of an email campaign an your logo in vector format.

I heard Squarespace is not optimal for SEO

Search Google for "Squarespace SEO problems" and you'll get a lively discussion on both sides with Squarespace strongly endorsed while still fighting an uphill battle against Wordpress as being better. Click here to read what we found, but know that we suspect Wordpress's attraction is in the ability to install SEO plugins. That's an attractive feature to customers and SEO "experts" because it short-cuts the need for great content. We lean more towards platforms that make it easiest to create great content and agree more with articles that are more platform agnostic. Read more on this


Richard DeVeau








Richard turns words into numbers. He writes powerful content and copy that not only moves the reader, it moves the needle.  Richard launched the second bank ever to be online, and wrote the digital ad campaign for the world's first mass-marketed ebook – Steven King’s, Riding the Bullet.  He has spent three decades selling nearly every consumer and B2B product and service, and has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for nonprofits of all sizes and missions. Few writers are as well prepared to help you reach, touch and connect with an audience.

Andrew Schones

Director of photography






Andrew has been doing video and photography production for over 17 years. As a videographer, he has worked for NBC, Discovery Channel, TNT, ABC, PBS, truTV and behind the scenes with Jerry Springer. He has headed video projects for a Sears reality cooking competition, a 24-hour live comedy show for Seattle’s Best Coffee, and promotional stories for Netflix. He has produced hundreds of hours of videos for ULTA Beauty, Wrigley, Discovery Education, McGraw-Hill and Unilever. And he has taken thousands of photographs for a variety of companies, including; Honeywell, Somrus, and Magic Chef, to name a few.

Gary Ricke

Digital Designer






In 1995, two years after the web’s formation, Gary helped found an Internet start-up, cutting his teeth on the earliest forms of web strategy, design and development. He has since continued to adopt and adapt the latest advances in technology by designing, building and pioneering the next generation of digital communication architectures for his clients.

Today, Gary and his team are working on reinventing what it means to communicate and connect in today’s digital landscape by championing a return to our roots of arresting audio, epic writing, evocative photography and intuitive design.

Other Squarespace Site Examples

1 minute video tours of sites we've built on the Squarespace platform.